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CONAI awards for:

  • Production of size markers with

    icon energy savings 77%
    icon waste reduction 58%

  • Produzione micro-sigilli con

    icon energy savings 17,5%
    icon volume optimisation 14%

  • Ink machine replacement

    icon energy savings 96%
    icon hourly production +118%

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Products designed with the aim of using as little raw material as possible and giving a second life once it has accomplished its function.

  • Patented crossover clip;
  • Plastic ice cream stick;
  • Coffee stirrer.

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We recycle our internal production waste, bottle caps, coffee stirrers used during employee breaks, used ice cream cups, to create recycled items.

Furthermore, we recycle everything that arrives at the company (cardboard boxes, plastic bags, etc.), reusing them for new deliveries!

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Sustainability is implemented and cared for every day:

  • By committing to ensuring that the accessories produced are made of recyclable plastic;
  • through the replacement of 80% of hydraulic injection presses with energy-saving electric presses;
  • by using a steel mould treated with magnetite (an unconventional treatment expressly requested by PIR.SA.FA.) thanks to which it is not necessary to clean the mould, avoiding the use of oils, additives and lubricants that are highly harmful to the environment (dangerous waste): in this way, the mould does not create any type of waste;
  • by preferring local choices and creating shared value, looking for distant partners only if the search does not lead to positive results in terms of work quality and services;
  • by recycling internal plastic scraps, bottle caps, ice cream cups (all the result of domestic collection realised thanks to word of mouth) through a mill, to produce new items;
  • through the recycling of the packaging that arrives with the goods, reused for new outgoing shipments;
  • the main products are in plastic bags without shipping labels and the data is written with a marker in order to dispose of the packaging directly with plastic, facilitating recycling at the end of life (thus avoiding the time taken to remove the paper label);
  • new types of moulds are used, in order to provide an immediate ecological contribution, with the aim of reducing the production of waste;
  • by planning the implementation of a photovoltaic system that will provide electricity to the production plant of the size marker.


Over the years, PIR.SA.FA. has always tried to improve the production phase, investing in process innovations with great results in sustainability.
In fact, it was awarded by CONAI in 2016, 2017 and 2018 for the following innovations:

  • in 2014, the company innovated the production process of plastic size markers for hangers, with the replacement of the injection moulding machine and the 96-cavity mould with an electric press and 168-cavity mould..
    With the new system, an energy saving of 77% and a reduction of waste equal to 58% is obtained.

  • The new size markers weigh 22% less and occupy a smaller volume; as a result, logistics have also been improved, with an increase in packages per pallet of 33%. The analysis of this intervention shows a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GWP) and resource consumption (GER and H2O) throughout the entire life cycle and in particular in the extraction and processing of raw materials, in the production of packaging and transport outside the factory.


  • in 2016 the plastic microseal was changed, lightened by 3,8%. The production process was innovated through the transition from a 6-cavity mould to a 12-cavity one, reducing electricity consumption by 17,5%.
    In addition, it was possible to increase the product load on standard pallets by 14%. The simplified LCA study confirms that the lightening of the packaging, the optimisation of logistics and the reduction of energy consumption lead to a reduction in the environmental impact of the packaging system on all the LCA indicators considered.


  • Also in 2016, another intervention concerned the production process of the size tag, which consisted of the replacement of the ink machine used for printing with a heat-transfer one that allows the production of 118% more product per hour with consequent energy savings of electricity reaching 96%. Even more important is the elimination of special waste obtained, as the foil used thanks to this heat-transfer printing machine is similar to municipal waste. The introduction of a different printing technology with respect to the one previously used allows a higher hourly production, reducing the consumption related to this process. This intervention has a beneficial effect on GWP, GER and H2O in the phase relating to process consumption.


In addition, in 2022, an investment was made about the quality control of the patented crossover Clips, in order to use as few resources as possible and ensure even more a product of perfect quality.

The quality control is considered ecofriendly as it is able to reduce the use of resources, being in possession of a system of vision (ascertaining the impeccability of each piece) able to suspend the system, allowing the operator to sort the defective piece: this avoids a series of incorrectly produced items that would waste material and electricity.

Moreover, another green note is given by the night range that quality control gives to the system, avoiding waste of heat and energy that would be necessary in case the machinery had to be stopped in the evening and restarted the following morning. Specifically, we talk about a saving of:

  • 40 min of electricity only to heat the system;
  • 2kg of plastic for purging.

Considering that the production of that clip is carried out 120 days a year, the environmental savings are considerable!


In addition to the production processes, the sustainability of PIR.SA.FA. it is also visible in the logic of the creation of the products themselves, according to which all must have more than one purpose.

For example, the patented clip is made entirely of recyclable plastic, as an alternative to the traditional steel or brass/iron clip. Plastic proves to be formidable as it guarantees the total absence of nickel and therefore no harmful effects on health (nickel contact allergies, etc.) and the impossibility of creating rust and therefore staining the clothing, causing damage.

Furthermore, the clip does not perform a single function, but has been designed so that it can be reused at the end of its life: in fact, we also patented its paper clip.

clip brevettata

Another example is the recyclable plastic ice cream stick, manufactured taking into consideration both its main functionality and its end-of-life, sponsoring it for other uses such as: coffee stirrer, hot wax spatula, hobby variety or simply to be recycled and become a certified second choice raw material for food.
The plastic ice cream stick was also born to overcome the limits of wood, since the latter is made in a porous material, a receptacle for bacteria. In addition, wood is often imported from countries with high pollution rates. The same one in plastic used for ice cream can overcome these obstacles and at the same time does not cause damage to the environment, being recyclable.

stecco per gelati in plastica riciclabile

Even the recyclable coffee stirrer was created with a focus on the environment, having a lightened anatomical shape, in order to use as little raw material as possible. The reduction of waste also occurs in the sugar needed to sweeten the drink, since the holes in the spoon ensure its total dissolution.
In addition, the bags in which the stirrers are packed are electrically welded, to avoid the use of glue. A special alternative packaging has also been conceived for this product, which is mostly dedicated to the sale in bars/restaurants, consisting of a cardboard package that completely eliminates the industrial process of the single pallet wrapping, and at the same time ensures hygiene, thanks to the extraction from above; obviously it also contains indications for separate collection.

paletta per caffè riciclabile


In PIR.SA.FA., our internal waste is always recycled for new productions, despite the fact that today the quantity is lower than in the past, thanks to process innovations that make it possible to produce without waste.
In any case, in addition to production waste, the plastic coffee stirrers (internally produced) used by our employees are recycled, which contribute to the production of the standard art. BLACK size marker in recycled plastic.

Plastic is also recovered thanks to the domestic collection of bottle caps, used to produce the black laths/connectors/composè or connectors and the black rounded square size marker.

Other recycled objects used are ice cream cups, in an attempt to give new life to everything that can be recycled, rather than creating waste and send it for incineration.

In addition to recycling for production, in order to generate the least possible amount of waste, all the packaging that arrives with the goods is reused for new outgoing shipments. Similarly, PIR.SA.FA. products are packaged without shipping labels, but by writing the data with a marker in order to dispose of the entire packaging with plastic.