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Clips, pins, cuff links, safety pins

Clips, pins, cuff links, safety pins

  1. art. Medium 32 / 34 mm - nickel-plated brass / steel
  2. art. Large 45 mm - nickel-plated brass / steel
  3. art. Small 27 mm - nickel-plated brass / steel
  4. Medium art. 32 / 34 mm - gilt brass
  5. art. argentina 34 mm
  6. art. Brasile 32 mm
  7. Square plastic cuff links 17x17 mm (logo: emblem, etc.)
  8. Round plastic cuff link ø 12 mm
  9. Rectangular plastic cuff link 13x19 mm(logo: emblem, etc.)
  10. plastic safety pin
  11. safety pin from 19 mm to 55 mm - brass / iron / steel
  12. art. America 46 mm
  13. art. California 34 mm
  14. art. Doppio i 35 mm
  15. art. Medium mm 39 - coloured 16 art. 315 mm 38
  16. art. Large mm 46
  17. art. Medium 39 mm
  18. shirt cuff clip 38 mm
  19. art. Norvegia mm 35x38



Pins, in the steel or nickel-plated brass version with standard, silver-colour plastic or coloured glass head. Lengths vary from a minimum of 10 mm to a maximum of 42 mm and with a variable width from 0.54 to 1.00. Other shapes for alternative uses on request.

Clips, pins, cuff links, safety pins

22 x 0,60 = 1kg = approx. 15.800 pieces

22 x 0,65 = 1kg = approx. 13.500 pieces

26 x 0,65 = 1kg = approx. 11.500 pieces


Clips, in the steel or nickel-plated brass version or transparent and coloured high-impact polystyrene clips, ensure the fabric is held firmly in place.

Clips, pins, cuff links, safety pins Clips, pins, cuff links, safety pins

A new article manufactured by us (PAT.MOD. PIR.SA.FA.) entirely in plastic as an alternative to traditional steel or nickel-plated brass/iron. It is the first plastic semi-cylindrical crossover clip, with the following characteristics:

  • Dimensions and shape: see photo and technical drawing.
  • Material: polycarbonate.
  • Colour of plastic: varied (neutral, single-colour and transparent) to match the fabric, with silver, gold, copper etc. effect.
  • 100% nickel-free and therefore, no adverse effects for health (allergies from contact with nickel, etc.) and no risk of “rusting”.
  • The materials used (first-rate and certified for food use) and the production system comply with legal requirements for the environment and the plastic is recyclable.
  • Extra-smooth outline with no rough edges, thus no risk of snagging. Depending on which way round it is turned, it can be used for both heavy and lightweight fabrics.
  • The breaking point of this clip is lower than that of a mm mm metal clip.
  • The strength of plastic cannot be compared with that of metal, but it is extremely functional and has an excellent grip for the use for which it was conceived.
  • In April 2022, a 4.0 vision system for quality control was installed on the production of this clip which, in addition to having positive effects for the environment, allows.... Continue reading at the following link: https://www.pirsafa.com/en/news.php?id=46


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