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The company is delighted to have obtained certification for environment management from BVQi during 2004.

This result is part of the continuous improvement programme of the services offered by the company, focused on the fulfilling the needs and expectations of its customers and suppliers.

In particular, the company has set up and developed an environmental management system in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard, which takes into account the legal requirements regarding the environment.

ISO 14001 is part of a series of international standards, concerning the Environmental Management System, applicable to all types of organizations.

It represents the standard on the most widespread Environmental Management Systems in the world, and is based on the principles of a management system that includes the phases of planning, execution, control and improvement actions; the application of ISO 14001 defines the most important requirements for identifying, monitoring and monitoring the environmental aspects of any organisation that has an environmental policy.



In 2022, two PIRSAFA articles were awarded by CONAI (Italian National Consortium of packaging), a private consortium that constitutes the response of private companies to a problem of collective interest, such as the environment, in compliance with guidelines and objectives set by the political system. The CONAI System guarantees compliance with the principle of extended producer responsibility, sharing between producers and users the CONAI Environmental Contribution (CAC).

The focal points of the participation revolved around the investment in prevention activities aimed at the environmental sustainability of its packaging, acting on: reuse, facilitation of recycling activities, optimization of logistics and production processes (careful use of environmental resources such as water and energy).

Here are the two winning articles:

  • Compostable coffee stirrer
    New and compostable product, with a unique and innovative shape for the Italian market. Its intelligent and eco-friendly packaging involves the extraction from the top of the appropriate hygienic box: in this way, it is possible to lose the classic polythene wrapping of single-use pallets, maintaining the same hygienic standards.
    Conai awarded its packaging after having analized LCA, which testified less use of CO2, energy and H2O (as the table shows).
  • Square sizemarkers for hangers: hot printing
    Core business for decades, the sizemarker for hangers has been one of the major products to which investments in process innovation are dedicated. What has competed in the Conai competition for Ecodesign is the hot print: unlike pad printing, it does not generate special and harmful waste to be disposed of (foil is in fact similar to simple urban waste), and allows a higher hourly production with less energy, and with a beneficial effect on GWP, GER and H2O (as shown in the table below), compared to the average production on the market.

2018 – 2017 – 2016: CONAI CALLS FOR PREVENTION

With the same satisfaction, the company has obtained other certifications by CONAI. In particular, in 2016, 2017 and 2018 it was awarded in "CONAI Call for Prevention - Enhancing the environmental sustainability of packaging": the fundamental requirement for participation was to have revisited the packaging in terms of innovation and environmental sustainability.

The company, in addition to improving the packaging environmental impact, over the years has also improved the production phase, investing in environmental sustainability. For example:

  • in 2016 the production process of plastic sizemarkers for hangers has been improved thanks to the replacement of the injection moulding machine and the 96-cavity mould with an electric press and 168-cavity mould. The results has shown an energy saving of 77% and a reduction of waste equal to 58%.
  • In 2017 hang tag string design was lightened by 3,8%;
  • In 2018, there was the replacement of the ink machine used for printing with a heat-transfer one that allows allows a major hourly production of 118% and resulting in energy savings of 96%.


Considering that packaging products have a short life, destined in a short time to become waste, the goal that the PIR.SA.FA. wants to achieve is to continue to use the traditional plastic (high grade and certified for food contact), for the production of high quality accessories through a continuous improvement in the environmental impact, tending to reduce it as much as possible, encouraging and facilitating recycling while working a material such as plastic that today due to prejudice is labeled as "enemy of nature".

With this approach and with these production systems with almost zero environmental impact, and the items become "quality waste".