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Founded in 1958, PIR.SA.FA. is a third-generation company that manufactures and sells accessories for shirts, clothing and leather goods. It is also involved in the moulding, processing, and blanking of plastics and PVC materials with the latest addition to our product range including candle holders and small candle holders.

Its competence and professionalism in the field of plastic materials moulding makes PIR.SA.FA. the ideal partner for the moulding of pieces of a variety of sizes and craftsmanship, providing flexible solutions suitable for all possible manufacturing requirements. It has been involved in the moulding of candles/candle holders with third parties for a number of years and since July 2020 it has had its own candle holders and small candle holders.

Our candle holder is MOCA certified and is created from certified food-grade raw materials of the highest calibre. NEUTRAL PE is mainly used, but the manufacturing using transparent, neutral or coloured PS may also be considered. Symbols regarding all legal requirements can be found on our candle holders.

Without a candle/small candle holder, small candles would become lodged in the cake and its utility is, therefore, mainly in terms of hygiene, in addition to being pleasing items, as we can create it in a variety of colours. All cakes are further embellished when using candle holders. Specifically, we lend a great deal of support to a line of sugar-based candles that can be eaten.

The instant candles are blown out is a magical moment that is remembered at all ages, which is why we provide the right candle holder for the occasion.

Please refer to the attached technical sheet for candle holder sizes.

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